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Understanding Personality Traits – There are basically four dominant personality traits, with variations within each trait. These traits are like the engines that drive us, shaping how we interact with the world around us. While we might all be able to perform similar tasks, each trait excels at something the others do not.

Embracing Your Uniqueness – You are like one of these vehicles, unique and equipped with a set of skills and strengths that your friends may not have. Regardless of what is popular in your social circle, your personality strength is your superpower. It’s that thing that comes naturally to you – whether you’re leading the group, finding solutions to problems, keeping the peace during conflicts, or excelling in math.

Discover Your Dominant Strength – Take a moment to reflect on what you enjoy and excel at during your alone time. This is likely your dominant strength. So, when thinking about your future and what you want to do for a living, be honest with yourself. Are you choosing a path because it’s what you truly love and excel at, or are you doing it to fit in with your friends?

Find Your Lane – Once you’ve identified your dominant strength, embrace it fully. Find your lane and be the best version of yourself with the talents and skills you’ve been gifted with.

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