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  1. Overview of Occupations: The OOH offers a comprehensive overview of hundreds of different occupations. Each occupation entry includes a description of the job duties, typical tasks performed, and the industries in which the occupation is commonly found.
  2. Job Outlook: One of the most crucial pieces of information provided in the OOH is the job outlook for each occupation. This includes projected growth or decline in employment opportunities over the coming years. Understanding the job outlook can help with assessing the demand for specific occupations to aid in making informed decisions about career path options.
  3. Median Pay: The OOH provides information on the median pay for each occupation, giving you an idea of the earning potential associated with different careers. This information can help understanding the financial implications of pursuing a particular career path.
  4. Education and Training Requirements: The OOH outlines the typical education and training requirements for each occupation, including any certifications or licenses that may be necessary. This information can help with planning educational pathways and determine what steps are needed to take to enter their desired field.
  5. Work Environment: The OOH provides insights into the typical work environment for each occupation, including factors such as hours worked, work schedule, and physical demands. Understanding the work environment can help with assessing whether a particular career would be a good fit for your interests and lifestyle preferences.
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