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  1. Examine each row carefully: You will find two words or phrases on each row. The phrases on the left are highlighted in blue, while the ones on the right are highlighted in purple. Each row is labeled with the letters A and B.
  2. Choose the letter that best describes you: Consider each word or phrase in the row and select the letter (A or B) that aligns more closely with your personality or preferences.
  3. Record your score: After making your choice for all 10 rows, click on the “Evaluate” button. Take note of your score.
  4. Identify your dominant personality trait: The trait with the highest score represents your dominant personality trait or matches your personality type.
  5. Consider your secondary trait: If your secondary trait score is relatively close to your dominant score, there is a high probability that you will experience a similar level of satisfaction in careers that match both traits.


After completing all 4 sections click on Personality Matches to view careers that a person with your dominant trail is more likely to enjoy and excel at.

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