1. Build a strong work ethic:
    1. Show up for work on time
    2. Always approach assignments with enthusiasm
    3. Be accurate
    4. Work with little supervision
    5. Resist the temptation to talk to others
  2. Enhance your skills:
    1. Voluntarily show a willingness to learn how to improve your skills
    2. Volunteer to take courses when made available
    3. Use youtube and other online sources to learn more about specific tasks
  3. Seek additional responsibilities:
    1. Show a willingness to go above and beyond what you are paid to do
    2. Become the employer’s go-to person when extra knowledge and skill are required
  4. Build positive relationships:
    1. Always speak positively about the employer
    2. Avoid spending time around coworkers that complain about the company
    3. Take time to get to know those in hiring positions (sports, leisure time pursuits, etc)
    4. Never make your arrest sound as if someone else is responsible for the arrest
  5. Showcase achievements:
    1. Avoid saying I, but find ways to let employers know your role in completing tasks beyond your job description
  6. Be transparent and honest:
    1. If necessary, explain the circumstances
    2. Demonstrate remorse and personal growth
    3. Emphasize your commitment
  7. Consider additional education or certifications:
    1. Pursue additional education or certifications  Research industry-specific certifications or degree programs
  8. Be patient and persistent: Changing careers can take time and effort. Be prepared for setbacks and rejections but remain focused on your goal. Stay motivated, continue to learn and grow, and remain open to new opportunities.
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