• Firstly, the night before your interview, take a moment to revisit your resume. Familiarize yourself with the details you’ve provided to ensure your responses align consistently. This helps in showcasing a coherent narrative and reinforces your qualifications.
  • Moreover, researching the company’s website.  Absorb information about their mission, products, services, and overall goals. Understanding the company’s core values and goals enables you to speak on how your role aligns with their vision.
  • Consider how your position within the department directly impacts the company’s objectives. Practice discussing how your contributions can enhance their goals. Demonstrating this understanding underscores your commitment and value as a potential employee.
  • Check your GPS to gauge commute time and add a buffer of at least half an hour to avoid any unforeseen delays. Punctuality speaks volumes about your professionalism and reliability.
  • A more personal but equally significant note concerns environmental factors. If you reside in a household where marijuana is smoked, be mindful that the scent lingers and embeds into clothing.  Remember, while personal choices are respected, their perception can impact job prospects.
  • Attempting to mask the odor with cologne might be tempting, but interviewers often notice and might interpret it negatively because most view this as an attempt hide the smell of marijuana..
  • Ultimately, your personal choices are yours to make. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that they can potentially influence job prospects, especially if they conflict with a company’s values or standards.
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