“Once a person has a felony conviction, employment opportunities narrow, but it does not mean being stuck in low-income jobs. There are industries that offer livable wages and opportunities for advancement.

The list of employment options may vary depending on your location in the country, but here is a breakdown of industries ranked by income potential, categorized as low, medium, and high.

It’s important to note that employers can receive certain tax credits for hiring individuals with felony convictions through a program called WOTC.”

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Cleaning JobsLowMechanicsMed/High
ConstructionMed/HighOil and Gas CompaniesMed/High
Cooking JobsLow/MedProfessional JobsMed/High
Customer ServiceLow/MedRetail JobsLow/Med
Delivery ServicesLow/MedSelf EmployedLow to High
ElectricianMed/HighSkilled LaborMed/High
Grosery StoresLow/MedTech Jobs Med/High
Healthcare JobsLow/MedTelemarketingLow/Med
Hotel JobsLow/MedTrucking JobsMed/High
HVAC TechnicianMed/HighWarehouse JobsLow/Med
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