Before pasting information for editing, always provide instructions followed by a colon mark:

  1. Clearly state your objective, such as creating a resume.
  2. Specify the style of the resume, whether it should be informative, sales-oriented, technical, etc. (For non-technical information, I have found that using the “informative” prompt works best).
  3. Based on the job qualifications, prompt the AI to write for a specific grade completion level (e.g., high school, 2 years of college, trade, etc.).
  4. Define your goal, whether it’s to find a job, seek leadership, or pursue management positions, etc.
  5. When reviewing the job description, identify keywords and ensure they are incorporated into the information provided to the AI.
  6. Remove all personal information, such as your name and contact details, before uploading the text.
  7. Proofread the AI’s response and ensure it avoids repeating the same information in different ways. (AI often provides multiple options for selection).
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