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Profitable Careers Online Workshop - For Teens 13- 17


 7 days to complete workshop

Subscription includes Free workbook download.


Topics Covered in workshop

  • Introduction

  • Teen Eagle

  • I Can

  • GPS Goal Practice System

  • Managing Income

  • Careers

  • Excerpts from workshop

Profitable Careers Kit Adults 17- 26


7 days unlimited access to site information

Included with download

Included In Profitable Careers Kit:

  • Complete List - matching careers to personality traits
  • Careers By Income -
  • Careers By Education Level Plus...
  • Budgeting For Success - Tips for using existing income to improve your lifestyle.
  • Resume Tracker - Keeps track of up to 24 at a glance  resume submissions for career advancement.
  • Goal Practice System - Tips for setting a 5 year goal and the tools for reaching the goal.
  • Career Research - Provides access to careers that;
    •  Match SECA Personality Assessment results, and provide links for detailed research on careers of interest.
    • Careers by income
    • Careers by educational level
    • Career research and more
  • Interview Practice - Interview practice sessions
    •  List of words not use in an interview
    • List most commonly asked questions
    • The power of appearance

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